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Monday, May 28, 2007


I am having backache since I woke up on Sunday. I can understand if my legs are pain since I was walking for 5-6 hours in Queensbay on Saturday. But why are my hands pain too? I didn't carry that much of stuff you know...I carried more stuff when I was in Bangkok shopping. Weird Weird..not only that my neck and body was also aching! Damn! What a day! Initially I plan to go Sunday Flea Market it penang upper road. But then with my legs aching I thought I better stay home! This flea market only happened the last Sunday of the month! Ish! Now gotta wait again!

So since my whole body was aching I spend my day in bed sleeping and reading! Don keep on bringing me his toys and asking me to play with him! Aiyo...Me not in the mood leh! Shoo him off and sleep while it was raining!

Anyway I heard that Singapore has banned the croc sandals! My mom told me in Aussie now you can get it for $29 OZ dollars. Wow! Not that cheap yet! Malaysia when I check on Saturday it still cost RM129. :) Why? Because kids who wore croc sandals (4 cases) got their sandal sucked up by the escalator and broke their toes. Poor them! even gotta get stiches.. Bad Bad! I told K better not hop around with his croc else he would end up like the kid. Hehe ;)

People are commenting that Pirates is so-so or rather not good at all. Damn! I just want to see Mr Depp.

Ps: Queensbay mall has ice skating ring! I didn't know till last Saturday as i seldom go to the top floor.

12.34 AM - going to bed...need to wake up early!


posted on 5/28/2007 12:20:00 AM |

Thursday, May 24, 2007

200 pounds Beauty(KR)

This is one hilarious movie. As you can see from the picture, is about a girl who can really sing but she is fat and ugly so she the voice behind a famous singer Ammy. Also she is working as a phone sex employee. She has a dog who is very loyal! Not like Don at all. Plus her dog is much smarter than Don leh! Impressed! Love her dog...looks a lot like Don!

She then went for plastic surgery and turned into a drop deap gorgeous girl! But the crush she had could not accept a plastic girl! So she was so crushed! The ending they were not together but remain close friends.
Go watch it the movie has a lot of funny parts and sobbing parts too! ;) This movie is actually based on a very famous anime. Can't remember what is the title!

On another note, today I read on the paper about this lady getting her boobs bigger to please her husband! This really amuse me...but still I pity her...according to the paper she had to remove both her breasts. She was conned by a Taiwanese doctor/or beautician to inject something to her breasts and after a while caused pain to her boobs! So bodoh! If wanna get boobs bigger also go to a real plastic surgeon la! Why risk your boobs? *siow*

Do men hate plastic? I asked a lot of people and mostly they said they cannot accept plastic. Haiya! Not everyone is born pretty ma...so what's wrong if one get under the knife to improve herself? Maybe it will make her happier? So selfish! All guys want their gf to be pretty and great body! Tell me one who doesn't? Nah...probably doesn't exist. Why? Afraid you would touch a fake boobs? In that movie, there's a scence where the guy kiss Hanna and he moved his hand to touch her boobs and she suddenly remembered what the doctor said that he will know that it is plastic when he touches it...that's was hell a funny scene! :D Haha!
So I guess women will pay a fortune to do anything to make herself beautiful ya? So I think the health and beauty industry will work out great. More reason to get more THRM stocks? Hehe!

posted on 5/24/2007 08:36:00 PM |

Jordin is American Idol 2007

As predicted one week ago, Jordin is the new idol! :)

Too bad we didn't get live telecast here...gotta wait till 6 PM on Astro later!


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cheesy moment

Cheesy moments don’t get any better than this!! 3 cheese cakes! Even Don loves it! He ate so much!

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posted on 5/20/2007 01:07:00 AM |

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chocolate banana cake failure

I never make a successful chocolate banana cake before leh. Somehow my cake is not soft enough and too dry...i told the hou fa fa uncle at the baking supplies shop about my cake. He then asked me to attend this class for baking chocolate banana cake and honey combcake! RM 40 bucks! not cheap as well! last time he asked me to joined another class for blueberry cake as well but I didn't make it as well. I attended once at another place for cream puffs . It was ok we each got to bring back cream puffs. Uncle's cakes in the photos really looked tempting leh! The class is next weekend, mummy is not around already! How? My baby boy how? Anybody willing to babysit him?

posted on 5/16/2007 08:52:00 PM |

Monday, May 14, 2007

Random things during the weekend

My fav baby angku from Eaton! I always drive there to get my angku, the green pandan with coconut is my fav.

Also manage to go eat Air itam laksa. I used to eat every week last time till my mom stop it coz it was bad for my stomach. Had some stomach problem! Getting better now, so I thought I should eat more now before I leave penang.

Yummy wotips. I really love them. In the middle is some chinese roti (don't know what is it called) hehe yummy too..i manage to get the recipe from C, so I gonna make some when I have the time. I have two flavors of wotip.

Ginger + vineger for my wotips.

Mushroom + pork fillings (i prefer this one)
vege + pork fillings. You can see the plate is empty now! Hehe. I am not a pig ok..i didn't finish it by myself! My mum ate as well and some for Don!


posted on 5/14/2007 05:30:00 PM |

Sunday, May 13, 2007

'Chocolatey' Moment

Rich yummy chocolate cakes! I like it chilled.

Happy Mother's Day to all the great Mummy out there!

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friday Lunch

I didn't have the time to blog about the lunch I had on Friday. Superlicious, cooked by Sze Sze. Bitter gourd with egg, Fried toufu with XO sause, Kangkung with 'Fu Yee' and pork meat with pickles. Thanks for the lunch!

Next Sze Sze's brother is cooking me Stewed Beef. ;) Can't wait. I heard it is really good! Apparently, everyone in their family can cook really well.

posted on 5/12/2007 09:41:00 PM |

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Spirit of the Victim (TH)

The Spirit of the Victim (TH)... really weird storyline or rather an unknown storyline. I would classify this as a modern contemporary movie. ;) Weird weird weird. The story about a girl (I think she is the sunsilk shampoo model in Thailand that you see when you are in the BTS train) actress wannabe who play the role of death victim. The movie shows a lot of girls being killed and according to what I have read online. All the stories about the girls being killed are true and the scenes are real too. Haunted scenes where the movie crews feel the existence as well! J The series got really intense when she was playing a role of a Thailand Miss Universe who got killed. Through out the movie I thought it was about finding that model death but towards the end there’s a story about her good friend which I did not remember seeing her in the beginning in the movie. Her good friend is somehow jealous about her fame and beauty. Went to do plastic surgery, failed and got thrown to the river. The story get very confusing towards the end..she kept waking up from dreams which I lost track which are real or unreal. The end was totally unrelated with the whole movie. CONFUSING! So, my conclusion would be I did not see her jealous best friend who went for plastic surgery and at the end of the movie she went back to her old house where she used to stay before she became a big actress made me conclude that she suffered dual identity. That’s it! This movie reminded me of the tale of two sisters (KR). I watch that twice I and could not figure out the movie, but I think the girl suffered dual identity too if I am not wrong. Confusing movies that kept me thinking about the stories after watching them. I like watching horror movie just to scare myself! Luckily Hersey's guy kind enough to treat me! ;) But movies like Lost in translation starring Bill Murray would be a much better movie to watch. The ending..??? Nobody knows, what Bill Murray whispered to her. Did he ask her to go back to her husband or leave with him? ;) Another good movie (most people dislike it) Brokeback Mountain love tragedy where nobody is wrong or right! Next movie to catch Pirates Chow ;)

On another note, American Idol top three, I thought Blake would be the one but Lakisha left. My fingers are crossed for Jordin. I kinda like her. For Melinda, I don’t think she needs American Idol, she has good voice but she looks too NICE…boring leh! Can’t wait..!

posted on 5/11/2007 09:29:00 PM |

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May 8

I was reading H's blog and I noticed it's already May and by the end of next month.. half year is gone! Wow time really flies! I just got back watching a Thai Horror movie!

I blog about it later, I have yet to conclude the story. Sleepy!


posted on 5/09/2007 12:30:00 AM |

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I need a new hairstyle

People been commenting on my long hair. Or rather they say I looked tired all the time or how come I looked so "chan" My cousin thinks is my hair! ..told me to go cut it short! I am thinking of coloring it or cut it really short. But I am in doubts! I have been keeping my hair for so long! Don't really want to cut it really short. So I don't know what to do yet. Wanted to straigthen it again but then the god damn 5-6 hours of waiting period can kill me! No Internet, no tv no music! So another choice is too get my hair curly, but my mummy complained it makes me looked old! Haiyah! so troublesome! Can I go bald like GI jane? So maybe I will just cut it shorter and color and highlight it! I am still undecided, so no new hairstyle yet!

Also I am dieting! I noticed I have some extra fats here and there! So gotta be very careful of what I eat nowadays!

posted on 5/05/2007 01:46:00 AM |

Friday, May 04, 2007

Screamyx is getting me crazy

My internet connection is really driving me crazy! SCREAMMYx...pissing me off! SM had even cancelled her Screamyx and change to Penangfon! Wish I could change but knowing that I won't be using it for long I guess I will just stay with SCREAMYX and suffer!!!

I keep getting dc and login and login out of my MSN and can't load a decent webpage! Hate it!

Stupid hero SCREAMYX's guy came and in less than one minute told me is the phone VM causing the problem! Make a phone call back to Telekom and canceled my VM. But?? The reality is.. it didnt make my connection any better! Stupid technicians. I hate calling them, they always ask me to switch off my modem for 10 minutes, reboot my computers, do not link my phone line, do a DNS flush, move my modem to the direct phone line cable! DAMN anoying!


My mood today: Unhappy (bad connection)

posted on 5/04/2007 02:12:00 AM |

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I hate Sushi Boy!

My blog's title says it all! I really hate my neighbour dog, Sushi boy! He kept bullying Don! In the beginning both of them used to bark at each another. But lately Don has stop barking at him. No idea why...must be Don want to show his respect to Sushi Boy. Sushi Boy is 6 years old while Don is only 1 year plus. Pity my baby!

Whenever my dog go out, looked next door and Sushi boy will bark right at his face! Anoyying! And Don seriously don't mind being barked by the black whitish evil dog!!!!

Hate him! However, Don loves the little girl living next door. He gets excited everytime that girl call him! Horny dog! Sometimes when he is upstairs with me, once the girl call him..he will run down for her! He is not loyal at all! :(

Once he stayed with the Tan's family and behaved like a King at their place! I was told that he would follow anyone who played him! I remembered him peeing on the beds in thier house! *I am so sorry* Hehe! He got attached with them so quickly. And he became friendly with Mel(friend's doggie) after few days. Mel got very jealous! ;)

Enuff about my dog!

posted on 5/03/2007 01:25:00 AM |

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No Pets sign!

If your place do not welcome pets do put a sign saying "NO PETS"

Else I will just assumed my dog is welcome! Get it! Got shoo in Queensbay Starbucks! I prefer Gurney Plaza where they are more animal friendly!



posted on 5/02/2007 01:53:00 AM |

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shanghai's Ding Tai Feng, Penang - Horrible!

Shanghai's Ding Tai Feng Restaurant is banned! I was there one Saturday after reading a review online that their Xiao Long Bao was good and of course the picture of it looked good too! I am crazy about Xiao Long Bao ok. When I say crazy..i really mean it! I love Xiao Long Bao..Imagine the steaming hot Xiao Long Bao in the bamboo dim sum case. Usually it comes in 4 pieces. Once you put one in your mouth, the hot yummy juice from the xiao long bao just burst inside your mouth ;) Anyway the Xiao Long Bao in this restaurant is really really BAD! The meat was not sweet and juicy but it was all mashed up like mashed potato!! who on earth cook Xiao Long Bao like that???? Also since it was a weekend they only serve 8 Xiao Long Bao and not the 4 Xiao Long Bao. Thinking that I love Xiao Long Bao so what the heck! Just give me my Xiao Long Bao I am one happy person! I also tried their Wo tip! Damn it was the same mashed meat they used! Not much different except there's no hot juicy soup in the Wo Tip and the shape was different of course. I think Ms Cao Wo Tip is much better. I got 100 pieces during CNY and cooked for my relatives and they all loved it! That's what i call real WO TIP! And not those served in that restaurant in Queensbay!

Really bad!!!! Hate it! Never going back there! I don't think they will last long as well. I was there on a weekend afternoon, it wasn't pack at all. And also there's a lot of waiter and waitress standing around. And when I went out of the shop. I see a bunch of China guys hanging around! They must be the super lousy chef from Ding Tai Feng. My friend CB told me on weekdays their business is really bad! Btw, CB is one loyal customer to this restaurant! He told me the food is not bad!!! ???#$%^&&** Sincerely, I think is a disgrace to use the name Ding Tai Feng!

Next I am going to visit Ms Cao's sister La Mian restaurant in Rat Island and the Chinese Restaurant at Berjaya hotel for yummy yam ring and roast piglet and perhaps Peking duck?


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