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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fried Crickets! Yummy!

Mummy told me grandgranny used to catch croaches to eat as medicine...yucks!

I have been on chinese medicine and this is one of the worse thingy i was prescribed. previously I had pills for sore throat and it was very bitter I gotta chew it. Almost puke! Then I have some powder stuff to be taken. Ok not bad first one taste like mint, second type taste like peanuts. Ok I don't mind having them. Next I have this below....nightmare even when i offer it to Don, he walked off :(

During that period I couldn't eat any fried food, no durian, no mangoesteen, no rambutan, no duku langsat, no mango, no strawberry, no laksa, no rojak...geezzz...i only had porridge like the whole week. I think I lost some weight.

Now much better, I have having mooncakes, I going to have mangoesteen this weekend too! :)

Also I am planing a buffet party for Don 2 years old Birthday. I am very careful on his diet. I am planning to have some chicken hotdog for him, but I am afraid then he will not want vege salad with that. hmmmmm

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