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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Feng Shui + random stories

I have a new tea tray with a wodden carved dragon and chicken. The dragon symbolizes career success and courage. Also I have a jade turtle. :) Health and Longevity! chickie? Me!

Well well.. i have dragon + turtle = Dragon Turtle

Dragon turtle combines the longevity of a turtle and the power of a dragon. The dragon head turtle is a powerful symbol of obtaining balance in life.

I saw something cute too a horse and a fly..

A Horse and a Fly is a symbol of instant success in all your endeavors. Therefore wish it's a really potent lucky charm for those who wish to gain quick results and instant success. Must bring that to Genting!

Hehe I wanna buy more toy for my new tea tray la. But my mummy say I buy too a lot of stuffs. She already forbids me to buy more clothes but MNG is having sale (MEGA SALES), wanna get a pair of jeans la! She also added I cannot buy more hair product stuffs so i gotta use my old repair shampoo and conditioner. But I am buying new hair oil and cream la..finishing d!

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