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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I heart Penang

After spending almost 5 years here, I truly love Penang! We have everything here, the mountains, the beaches, the modern and old city. Just LOVELY! Plus there is plenty of opportunities in this small island. It is easy accessible, not like in KL. So many trees around us! So much nice food!!! Everyday the island is growing. So much development I have seen over the years.

Last weekend was an exciting weekend of food, food and food! For others, The Penang Bridge run and St. Anne festival in Bukit Mertajam. Everyone is heading towards Penang.

Also more new restaurants are making their way here. Subway just openned last week too in E-gate. :) Can't wait to go one day for a quick bite! But of course subway is not cheap. :) I wonder how would they survive here. Also there's a Old Town kopitiam around the corner, always pack with people. I still haven't got a chance to go there. Whenever I am there, it is always pack!

And also a new trendy restaurant called Food Loft at Gurney Plaze. Go there in the afternoon. You get a very nice view of the sea, blue skies and white clouds. The concept is very much like Marche at The Curves in Damansara. You get a card and order what you like from the open kitchen. Here you get the seaview! Also the food is much cheaper compared to Marche. For the ambience and seaview, I don't think it's expensive. For Subway you get the Bridge view! Hehe!

Penang is really getting better and better. When the big megamall openned by end of the year, there are more goodies to come!


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