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Friday, March 31, 2006

No title, too many stories in this entry

Few weeks back, I went to Fish and Co..the food was so so only..had seafood platers.

Also one unhappy customer because of a lizard in his plater...the picture below described it.

Moving on...

King of the lost world is the stupidest movie ever. It started off with an airplane got crashed in the jungle..something like the LOST tv series, then they met with a giant spider that killed people...then some dead dinasour in a cave trap, some red indians(some jungle tribes)kidnapping one by one of them. They wandered off the jungle to find their plane cockpit and soon they realised more than one plane had crashed in the jungle. Finally all of them got caught by the red indians and they need to go through some scarifice for HIM. No one know who is HIM at this moment till towards the end HIM was KING KONG!!!! They even have flying dragons like those in the movie Harry Potter. !!!!!!! AIYO!!! TERIBBLE!!!

I also managed to watch Yours, Mine and ours - this was a good comedy, family movie. Quite a good catch if you need to have a relaxing weekend. Highly recommended.

Tomorrow I have a lot to do, I have to do the laundry, clean the house and also prepare a decent meal for myself. The picture below is the soup I cooked few days back. Soup-prawns, pork, 2 types of vege, mushroom, egg!

Yum yum!

Ok time to zzzzz

I can't remember whose baby is this already...

posted on 3/31/2006 03:58:00 AM |

Direct Sales People

These people are getting on my nerves. They are getting very agrresive with thier direct sales agenda. Friends outing become direct sales meeting. Gosh! It's no longer a friend outing but a business outing. It's ok with me if they introduce once the product to me, but not again and again and persuading me to join them. If I said NO, please stop buggin me anymore. I am not longer interested unless I approached you again.

I don't blame them actually, those to be blamed are their uplines - brainwashed them till like that. These people will motivate them to earn more money and to be like one of them by showing off their wealth(big cars, vacation, etc). At the end, they are the one who gain most of it. I still dont understand why some people want to be part of this pyramid scheme. If something that they sell is really good, then it's ok to sell them more expensive, but some of these companies are selling just normal stuffs or claimed to be better than those in the supermarket shelves. Aiyo...if so good, then everyone will be buying it, right? So don't need to go around and work so hard to tell people about it. Good stuff, people will buy even though it is very expensive.

Today, the market is also targeting on school children to help them sell their products. This is way too much!!! What do this kids know? All sort of stuffs such as healthy lamp, detergent, slimming pills, colon pills...bla bla bla...!

Why they need to create a membership for it, and asked people to pay some fees? Anyway, if they claimed that it is cheaper to buy their product if you a member. ???
If you are my friend and you are a member, you should help me to buy the product at cheaper price, right? Then I probably buy you a dinner in return. Instead of creating such membership thingy.

Anyway, I think I better stop...my entry. Please note, I am not saying all direct sales people are like that. Just that most of them are more into money after joining it.

This is just my personal thoughts about it. No offence to anyone out there. To me direct sales will not be my cup on tea, unless the product is really really really good I would introduce it you.

posted on 3/31/2006 03:18:00 AM |

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